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The Opto-plus wheel alignment product line that we produce:

  • I4Wheel (918).
    Complete 4 head, 8 sensor wheel aligner with PC connected OptoWin program, that contains car specification and give you full guidance through the whole alignment process.
    Radio based communication, and motorĀ  inside so the measureheads is always in level.
  • 618i.
    Complete 4 head, 8 sensor wheel aligner with PC connectedOptoWin program like i4Wheel.
    Can be made with radio or cable communication.
  • 202dsx2
    2 wheels-aligner that meets the basic demands. Contains scales for the rear axle.
    Manual display reading, but very cost-valuable product.
  • 204dsx2
    4 wheels-aligner. Like the 202dsx2 but with mirrors on the rear axle.
    This means you do NOT have switch axle to measure thrustline of the vehicle.
  • 202/204-HDX2
    Both Opto-plus 202 and 204 model, can be delivered in HD for Trucks and Trailer.
    Along comes really good HD turntables.

Both 618i and i4Wheel models can be delivered in mini-kit version, where only basic measure equipment are supplied.

We are well supported in all spareparts for all the Opto-plus wheelaligners that we produce.

For old Opto-plus models in the 400, and 600 series we also have most of the spareparts.
Contact us for specified spareparts.

We also deliver additional spareparts separately. Spareparts like turntables, HD-turntables, wheelclamps and Car specifications can be purchased.

Autek Team

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